Carla Ja Sports & Entertainment and Streamline Fitness Present An Evening Of Fun And Fitness!

Carla Ja Sports & Entertainment and Streamline Fitness Professional Athletes of Boxing Invite You And The Entire Family To Attend An Evening Focused On The Fundamentals Of The Sport of Boxing


Carla Ja Sports & Entertainment has partnered with Streamline Fitness for an evening of fun and fitness! The evening will focus on the basic fundamentals of the sport, as well as promote physical fitness and self-confidence. Attendees range from kindergarten to high school. The evening will conclude with a Home Style BBQ at 7 p.m. Invited athletes include: Pablo Cruz, Rocky Juarez, Darlington Agha, Marquis Taylor, and Regis Progais. This is a fun and educational event geared towards building self-confidence, strengthening the children’s passion for physical fitness, health, and boxing.


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