Houston, Texas R&B Singer/Songwriter Johntino Is Scheduled To Release His First EP in January 2014

Multicultural Singer/Songwriter Courtney Medina, better known by the metronome Johntino, was born and raised in Houston, TX.  His heritage is rich being of both Hispanic and African American decent. He discovered his singing voice in the shower at the age of 11 where he would sing songs by a few of his favorite singers like Jamie Foxx, and Tyrese. He has truly developed a sound that is very captivating and diverse. Johntino is an astounding songwriter and his sweet tenor soprano vocals are the perfect instrument to utter the melodies that will last a lifetime. You can truly feel his heart and soul soar through his music; phrases turn and emotions connect. With each song, he writes from a place of intimacy using lyrics to capture the true elements of love, family, and life.

Though R&B is his primary genre, Johntino’s upcoming EP “Conception” contains a variety of sounds which include Reggaeton and Pop.  R&B is gradually finding its way back to popularity.  Johntino’s goal is to thrive in the music industry by writing hit records that recapture the elements that R&B soul pioneers like the DELFONICS used to; the times when you felt as if you could  hear the singer’s soul pour out in to the lyrics.

Houston’s 97.9 The Box radio personality Kiotti personally recognized the talent and potential of the young budding artist when he got his start two years ago performing in Houston nightclubs and has supported him ever since. Johntino has touched several iconic stages in his hometown like The Red Cat Jazz Café, Reliant Stadium at The 31st Annual 97.9 The Box Los Magnificos Car Show. He is currently signed to Knight Time Management and is being represented by Publicist Jennifer Simpson. This young artist has a very bright future ahead of him! Follow @johntino_music1 on Twitter, JohntinoMusic1 on Instagram and Johntino Music on Facebook.



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