The Proclaimed Diva of Hip Hop Blues Finds Her Way Back To The Music Industry

Karma also known as “Itz Karma”, the proclaimed Diva of Hip Hop Blues is scheduled to release her EP “Bold and Beautiful” this summer 2014. Many know her for her infamous remake of Quincy Jones’ “Miss Celie’s Blues” from the soundtrack of Steven Spielberg’s “The Color Purple” . Her first single “Make You Feel Good” will be available for download on most digital distribution sites and select stores on June 9, 2014.

Karma’s motto is, “What Goes Around Comes Around”, she’s lived it and she’s not afraid to share it! The charismatic singer/songwriter conveys real life instances that many men and women have encountered at some point in their lives.  The diva definitely knows how to tell a story. Technically her music falls under the Urban Adult Contemporary/R&B genre; However, Karma has a unique vocal delivery that brings you the soulful elements of blues and the rhythmic cadences of Hip-Hop! She has recently formed her company Itz Karma Entertainment, Inc. and she plans to make major moves independently as she will display a bit of acting, headlining music festivals and other appearances. Also in development is her Non-Profit organization “Good Karma” which will empower women who have been incarcerated to live a life of redemption after prison. The organization will also recognize several other social adversities of women.

Karma is now available for interviews, features and live performances. For more information, contact Publicist Jennifer N. Simpson at  Log on to and also follow @itzkarmababy on Twitter and Instagram.


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