This Black Girl Magic kept me sane, lit, and dope AF while social distancing

Black girl majic

As the world begins to slowly reopen and we prepare to adapt to a new normal, I can’t help but to reflect over all of the Black Girl Magic that got me through these 90 plus days and counting of being safe at home.

Lean in sis.

Let me tell you about the ladies that brought the authenticity, transparency, virtual connections, leadership, and were Zen AF!


“Honey, come on in this room.”

Tabitha Brown, believer, wife, mom, actress, vegan foodie, danced around her kitchen and into my heart. Her southern charm, natural hair, and big smile warms my heart every time I catch any of her videos.

My favorite go to lunch is Tabitha’s tomato sandwich. I never knew two pieces of vegan bread, tomatoes, mayo, and salt and pepper could taste so good. I messed around and had two sandwiches in one setting the other day. As Tabitha would say, “I can because that’s my business.”

After watching Tabitha’s videos, you will walk away with not only a new vegan recipe or two but also a few life lessons sprinkled in here and there with special guest appearances from her family; Chance (husband), Choyce (daughter), Quest (son), Blackie (the family dog), and the star of the show Donna, Tab’s beautiful and glorious afro!

“Have the most amazing day, but baby even if you can’t have a good one, don’t you dare go messing up nobody else’s.” – Tabitha Brown

Virtual Connections and Transparency

Pajamas and Lipstick, a Girl’s Night out experience was originally scheduled for March 20th but like every other event in the world, it had to be postponed.  Within a week Necole Kane, founder of @xoNecole and her team pulled together an amazing virtual event with over 800 attendees.

The event raised $4000 for relief efforts ($5 for virtual admission). Elle Verner provided an intimate concert debuting some of her new music. Lauren and Cameron from #loveisblind, LeToya Luckett and her husband Tommicus, and Ace Hood and Shelah logged in to tell us how they are surviving during these social distancing days by communicating, cooking, and growing together.

The afterhour’s girl’s chat was only scheduled for 15 minutes but when Rosci Diaz starting spilling the tea on how to jazz up your relationships we had to lean in.  Alesha Renee bravely spoke about her journey and the importance of sisterhood.  Valeshia Butterfield Jones shared wisdom on thriving in the entertainment industry and doing so with grace and integrity. Necole Kane gets the award for most likely to be cool under pressure because she was cooler than a cucumber the entire night.

Zen AF

Devi Brown, founder of Karma Bliss, designed The Divine Time-Out Challenge a 19-Day Challenge for personal growth through self-isolation.

I had no idea what to expect during the challenge.  I told myself no matter what I would dig deep, take things seriously, and meet the “real” me on the other side.

19 days later…

Here’s an excerpt of my newly formed affirmations.

I walk in constant devotion with God.

I embrace the simplicity of solitude.

My steps are purposeful and guided by prayer.

Fear is a distant memory.

I’m honoring every part of me, from the freckles on my face to the dimples on my thighs, every… single… day!

So, when I tell you that I am on a journey of self-awareness and things are looking bright, know that it was because black girl magic was essential to me during this time.

With Gratitude,

Christy “C.A.C.H.” Hamlin

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