Earl Detrick’s Hello Good Morning Is A Breath Of Fresh Air

Hello, Good Morning is a signature keynote melody composed by Earl Detrick.
The optimistic mellow groove enlightens your thoughts with positive thoughts and affirmations. Just like breakfast, good music is a great start to a wonderful day.

This visual melody produced by yours truly, reveals the cognitive tapestry of a man
who’s simply made the choice to affirm his day with gratitude, perception, and confidence.

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DeeSmuve Releases his New Urban Adult Contemporary/Hip Hop Single- Be Thankful 

  DeeSmuve’s new single “Be Thankful” is a soulful fusion of Neo-Jazz and Hip-Hop. He aims to touch the world with a simple, yet important message: Life is a journey, take the time to be thankful for what you’ve got. Oftentimes in the pursuit of happiness, we as a society can lose sight of what’s right before our eyes. “Be Thankful” was produced, written, performed and engineered by DeeSmuve for SmuveClassHits Productions. 

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