Who The Hell Is DeeSmuve?

He’s only one of the greatest hip hip innovators known to man!!

Though the Hip Hop Soul artist was born and spent the first five years of his life and Houston’s Acres Home area, he was raised in the legendary town of Grambling, Louisiana. It was in Grambling where his musical roots were cultivated and established. When he wasn’t engaging in music or playing sports, he would enjoy the simple pleasures of the town with his friends.

He started out in the Grambling High School band at the ages of six under the tutelage of his father Arthur “Earl ” Simpson and later went on to perform around the country with the Grambling State World Famed Tiger Marching Band.  It was inevitable that DeeSmuve’s life would be consumed with music and the knack for cultivating signature sounds that the world can appreciate.

Now the Houston-based artist is ready show the world know that he is here and that he’s not going anywhere. Most importantly he will never forget about the “home” that made him the man he is today.  DeeSmuve’s “Home” mixtape will be released on July 7, 2015. Visit DeeSmuveMusic.com for more information.
Check DeeSmuve’s “Exit 81” as he gives you a brief window into his life growing up in Grambling, Louisiana.



Today We Celebrate Musicial Innovator DeeSmuve’s Birthday

DeeSmuve is an underground Hip Hop Soul artist and music producer.  His narrative melodies stream from the south to the west to abroad. The smooth and eclectic sounds of DeeSmuve cannot be duplicated. He brings something unique to the table. SmuveClassHits Productions can be heard on upcoming film and recorded projects. Visit http://www.deesmuvemusic.com to learn more about the Hip Hop Soul Legend. 

Happy Birthday DeeSmuve!

Singles : 

“Exit 81”

“Between The Sheets”


New Sizzling Track From Houston/Louisiana Artist DeeSmuve

This new sexy track from DeeSmuve’s Home Mixtape  is a melodic ensemble that metaphorically references a grown up version of the childhood game of “Hide and Go Get It” chanting Catch A Girl, Get A Girl.  DeeSmuve is known for his smooth and sultry tone. We know that the ladies will love this one! Follow @deesmuve on instagram and twitter!

DeeSmuve Has Released New Music 

 DeeSmuve has released the first single from his forthcoming mixtape “Home”. After being on a three-year hiatus, the ambidextrous musician feels that now is the time to rise from the shadows. After years of re-developing himself as a solo artist, he emerges by first paying tribute to the rich heritage that he assumed from his hometown,  Grambling, Louisiana.

The mixtape will be a memoir of his life and interests. Home is scheduled to be released this summer. Tour dates will be announced on deesmuvemusic.com. 



This week is the Finale and we are going out with an awesome Juneteenth Celebration! Come out to the Red Cat Jazz Cafe tomorrow night to commemorate the occassion with us as we celebrate some of music’s greatest Pioneers!

DeeSmuve: An Innovator in Hip-Hop

Grambling, Louisiana/Houston, Texas native DeeSmuve is determined to grab the ears of the world with his infectious Hip-Hop Soul tunes. For the past 25 years the musical genius has been involved in music in some form or fashion. Heavily influenced by music legends like Miles Davis, Curtis Mayfield, Jay Z and many more, the maestro’s music is classy, mature and diverse. His singing voice is melodic and eccentric. He does his own thing with integrating his narrative story telling. Hip Hop SoulUtions was created to make listeners feel like someone cares. Giving them a song for life’s everyday occurances. He does club bangers like the others too, but not too often, besides-do people party all the time? That’s why DeeSmuve is America’s next story, his stories are our stories.

Today, he is on an aggressive campaign to reach potential fans across the country and national radio air play for the his groovy, yet uplifting new single “I’m Trying”. The track speaks for a man just trying to keep a positive attitude as he endures the obstacles of life.

You cannot deny the talent of DeeSmuve, you may suggest other content, but before you do that..take a second to understand his innovative music. He is the truth.
Producer, Engineer, Artist, Jazz Vocalist Earl DeeSmuve Simpson will not stop until he finds his pot of gold.

“The journey isn’t easy, but who respects a man who thrives on the easy way out? “I have to remain authentic, I refuse to be what they want me to be. This life chose me, I’d be crazy not to recognize and appreciate a blessing from God. With that stated, no one can tell me that I’m not greatness, The Greatest made me this way!” I will perform on big stages! -Smuve

Check out I’m Trying on the link below. Also, Follow @smuveclasshits on Twitter!