Bernard “Medisyne Works” Arnold Will Release his second studio Album “The Book of Retribution Volume 2: Unchanging Standard By Which To Measure Wrongdoing” In February 

Chicago native Bernard “Medisyne Works” Arnold, Jr. has experienced an exhilarating set of accomplishments including the launch of his studio album series “The Book Of Retribution.” In the 2015 release, “Volume 1: Punishment For Evil Done or Reward For Good,” the swift tongued emcee rhapsodized about controversial topics including his support of the benefits of legal medicinal cannibus in his single “Medicate”. His endearing method of protest soothed biases with a melodic impact that tamed even the worst of critics. Thus, “Medisyne Works”.

Medisyne Works made his national television debut on TV One’s Hollywood Divas. During the Season 3 reunion, he took the stage with the original Diva Paula Jai Parker to perform their song entitled “Going Down”. The song is featured on Medisyne’s Works second studio album series, “The Book of Retribution Vol. 2: Unchanging Standard By Which To Measure Wrongdoing”. 

The project has been described as a symphony of pure Hip Hop ecstasy. Arnold’s music is enriched with coastal fusion. His narrative tapestries cross ethnic boundaries allowing listeners to be united by their universal love for the art. Hence, “Love Works”. The multifaceted collection represents a catalog of traditional hip-hop, laced with Jazz, Latin and other cultural influences.

“Baila”, the first album single features Johnny Rivera and Mario Proenza. This charismatic dance track is fused with Latin tradition and chanting expressions about the captivating beauty and existence of women. The follow up single “White Sisters” chronicles Medisyne’s involvement in the production of the Hollywood Diva’s cast spin off movie. The track features Kief Brown and the legendary Flesh-n-Bone.

The script doesn’t stop here, “The Book of Retribution Vol. 2: Unchanging Standard By Which To Measure Wrongdoing” is suited with quality Hip-Hop. Medisyne Works’ is just what the doctor ordered. Get it everywhere February 2017!!


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