Dr. Kanisha L. Hall Reveals The All-Encompassing Guide To Personal Sexual Empowerment

Dr. Kanisha L. Hall

“Sex After” Author and Board Certified Physician Dr. Kanisha L. Hall says that as women we are responsible for creating our own sexual fulfillment. “New beginnings are sometimes created, while being thrust upon in other instances. “Sex After” shows audience members how to adjust to life changes that may impede sexual pleasure, by giving proven solutions to create and restore sexual fulfillment throughout the inevitable changes of life.”

Dr. KaNisha L. Hall is a native of Shreveport, Louisiana. She is the proud mother of one beautiful daughter, Ava Grace. Her scholarly activities includes a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Chemistry, Post-Baccalaureate Certificate, International fellowship in Cytology at Kitasato University in Japan, and Doctorate of Medicine (M.D.) from Howard University. Her family calls her a perpetual student. While maintaining her clinical practice of Anesthesiology in South Louisiana she managed to obtain a Master of Art (M.A.) in Counseling with a focus in the area of sexuality counseling.


Her desire to promote a comprehensive clinical and sexual health to the masses has propelled her to recent notoriety. This hardworking musician, scientist, physician, counselor, and mother multitasks her medical practice and speaking engagements. She takes pride in speaking to women about the importance of embracing their sexuality.

Dr. Kanisha L Hall at the Ultimate Women's Conference

In addition to her mission to empower women, Dr. Hall has traveled the country to teach professionals effective strategies.  She takes a more holistic approach to wellness practiced providing instruction on several ways to approach sexual diversity, improve awareness, and promote overall health. She also offers workshops designed to train other physicians, allied healthcare professionals, and mental health practitioners. She extends her knowledge in a classroom setting to teach methods that will allow doctors to properly incorporate sexual health into their practices.  As if all of that is not enough…

The multi-faceted doctor has found time to develop her own hair and skin care lines, and a collaborative venture offering sexual health devices and accessories. She takes her mission to enlighten and empower women very seriously. It is her desire to give them unique tools that will help them fulfill their wildest dreams and to be confident in themselves.  See below..



Dr. Kanisha Hall is available for booking and speaking engagements and training sessions. She offers 4 main professional speaking points:

1.“Sex After…”

2.“Explosions:” In general, many women have resigned themselves to a reality that sex just won’t be a consistently pleasurable entity in their lives. Dr. KaNisha L. Hall confronts this way of thinking head on, while offering irrefutable strategies to creating a consistently highly pleasurable sexual experience.

3.“Sexual Health:” “Sexual Health” educates audience members with strategies for creating and maintaining optimal sexual health. Attendees will leave with an awareness of how to be proactive when it comes to sexual health and intuitive with their bodies.

4.”A Sex Positive Practice:” Dr Hall has specific lecture series designed for physicians, allied healthcare professionals, and mental health practitioners in various settings of practice to develop care plans for sexual health.

Request Dr. Kanisha L. Hall’s appearance at your upcoming event or workshop here. Keep up with her at drkanishalhall.com or via social media on Facebook and Instagram!   Sex After is available on Amazon.com. Get your copy today!

Sex After Dr Kanisha L Hall

“Ok Beloved, This book is my ode to womanhood. Male or Female you were birthed of a woman and that alone is to be celebrated. This book is NOT erotica. It IS sexual awareness and sexual health. I have been inspired by all the stronger wonderful women who raised me, especially my mother!”  -Dr. Kanisha L. Hall

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