Thank You For Firing Me!

1922F202-032B-4FC1-819D-A6E5B4FB0972Today is December 18th. People around the world are shopping until they drop, wrapping gifts, and preparing their homes for friends and family to gather for the holidays. Also this week, there are a group of people tucked away in a lavish boardroom reviewing financial reports and final proposals to decide who stays and who goes. 

Losing your job is the furthest thing from your mind as you make your lists and check them twice. However, statistics have shown that December and January are the leading months for layoffs, restructuring, downsizing or whatever corporate jargon is use to represent an employee no longer being employed. 

What will happen if you’re impacted? What do you tell your family? What do you do next?

Don’t wait until you’re walking out of the building with a brown box and a severance package to start thinking about your next step. Don’t go through the holidays with a it’ll-never-happen-to-me mindset.

Get your affairs in order. Build your network. Open an IRA. Update your resume and LinkedIn profile. Research other companies or begin taking steps to launch your own business. 

Read “Thank you for firing me.” This book is filled with so many amazing gems to help you navigate the world after losing your job, but don’t wait until you’re jobless to begin. 

You can begin today! 


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