Women’s History Month Spotlight – Jennifer N. Simpson, A Trailblazer In Healthcare Digital Marketing

Jennifer N. Simpson is a multifaceted businesswoman who specializes in public relations, digital marketing, and program development. The North Louisiana native is a devoted wife and mother of one. Jennifer derives from humble beginnings, but she has always displayed a great deal of determination to do and be more than her circumstances would allow. Her intellectual genius was recognized at an early age.

Jennifer’s leadership skills were established early on beginning in junior high school. She led her high school band’s percussion line as captain; her instrument of choice was quad toms. Eager to excel and leave her small hometown, Haynesville, Louisiana.  Jennifer enrolled in summer classes through a college correspondence course during her sophomore year in high school so that she could graduate one year early as a junior in 1998. Her tenacity further led her to Grambling State University where she received her BA in Psychology. After 7 dedicated years of working in the banking industry, Jennifer returned to the Grambling State to complete graduate studies in Mass Communications.

While matriculating through Grad School, Jennifer decided to venture into entrepreneurship launching JNoS PR. She has worked hard to establish strong partnerships within the entertainment industry, corporate and private sectors. In 2012, she began working with clients in the Entertainment Industry. Her innovative approach to Public Relations has proven itself to be unique and in high demand. 

Photo Credit Clorissa Wright – Synergy PR

​Under the JNoS PR umbrella, Jennifer has handled accounts for Superbowl Champion Antonio Smith,  the youngest NFL draft pick, Amobi Okoye; actors Denisha Hardeman, Jerod and Jamal Mixon; R& B Hall of Famers, H-Town, Earl Detrick, Itz Karma and many more. To add, Jennifer highlights her entertainment experiences with a role as stage and production manager for the Houston Black Heritage Festival where she managed the production of a concert featuring multiple award-winning singer, Monica.

​Jennifer recognized a need for effective communication partnerships in the Healthcare sector. She effectively rebranded her business coining the name Art2lectual to fully capture all the services and experiences that she offers for her clients.  Art2lectual Creative Consulting focuses on developing on-trend creative collateral and digital branding strategies thus matching clients to their appropriate target audiences. As a brand consultant, she partners with physicians, philanthropists, and other entrepreneurs to help them develop digital and print communications.  Additionally, Jennifer has played a pivotal role in assisting several non-profit organizations with program development, and content creation.

Jennifer has a strong passion for entrepreneurship development and mentorship. Through her own personal and professional experiences, she has learned business survival strategies that she hopes to successfully convey to others.  Art2lectual Creative Consulting launched the brand Intellectual Collateral in order to help entrepreneurs understand that their knowledge and creativity are valuable assets.  Through this innovative line, entrepreneurs are able to recognize the power of their worth | while wearing their worth. 

​The world tells us that women can’t have a career, be a mom, and a wife without one of the three being impacted. Jennifer has figured out a way to balance the three. Through faith and the support of her husband, Earl Detrick, Jennifer is empowered to continuously exceed her goals.  Jennifer N. Simpson is your answer to creative storytelling.  Don’t just create a brand, tell a story. Follow @Art2Lectual on all social media platforms. Visit art2lectual.com for all of your branding and digital marketing needs. 

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