I Was Never Daddy’s Little Princess


The journey to self-awareness and mindfulness is great, but it can also force you to address a few suppressed or subconscious wounds. Many of us are strong by default….I know I am. I’ll share with you that I’ve uncovered a few emotional scars that I developed from growing up not without having my father in my life. We would see each other in passing and I had to accept that he could not interact with me in public. He would drop by to see me for about 30 mins every other year. I felt rejected, worthless and I always felt like I had something to prove. My early relationships were a direct reflection of this. My father passed away 15 years ago and it’s even more painful to know that I’ll never have the opportunity to get close to him or hear him say I love you. This explains so much about my life and my reluctance to attach to people personally. If I never discover anything else…I’m happy to check this innate characteristic. I’m happy that those circumstances don’t determine my future. I stand for every fatherless daughter. We are too are worthy of a crown. ❤️❤️ #Transparency #ThisIsMe #Jen


​Sometimes, The Dream Chooses Us:  Meet Dr. Nwando Okafor, Leading Woman in Emergency Medicine

What was once child’s play for Dr. Nwando Okafor became a fast reality. She’s gratefully enjoying the daily actualization of the dream career that she imagined having as a little girl growing up in Enugu, Nigeria.  As a child, Dr. Nwando found excitement in playing “doctor” with her dolls by caring for them with items from the First Aid kit that she received as a gift on her 7th birthday. The gift was very important to her.  By tradition, Nigerian families instill strong accountabilities and indigenous values in their children. She’s always known that she would become a doctor; there were no other career options available in her opinion.

Life changed dramatically for her at 15 when her family migrated to the United States. After receiving her diploma from Gardena High School,  Dr. Nwando Okafor graduated, Cum Laude with a BS in Biology from the University of California, Riverside and she subsequently received her MD from UCLA.  She began her medical career working in residency at The University of Chicago Medicine in the ER Department.

Currently, Dr. Okafor is a practicing Emergency Medicine Physician and Chief Medical Officer based in Corpus Christi, Texas.  She’s also committed to the philanthropic work of World Health Advocate, a nonprofit organization that she co-founded with her sister, Dr. Adaeze Okafor-Nwosu. The two are dedicated to closing the healthcare gap among countries worldwide. They travel abroad to Nigeria, Haiti and other poverty-stricken countries to administer free healthcare services.

Medical Mission in Isuoffia, Nigeria

Dr. Okafor with mission trip volunteers

Dr. Okafor has a special passion for caring for others.  Her mission in life is to “live, learn, give back, and love.” “I am inspired by my family, humble past and I keep my focus through my belief in God.”  

In her free time, Dr. Okafor seizes the opportunity to enjoy her family.  She lends her life experiences through mentorship and encouragement for other young women and men. Like Dr. Nwando Okafor on Facebook! 

T.H.E. FLY and Rooster Bring Character To Hip Hop With Satire

After several amusing months of filming and recording in the studio, the eccentric  posse known as T.H.E. F.L.Y. and Roo$ter gathered at the Hudson Lounge in Houston, TX  to celebrate new beginnings and the completion of their forthcoming album “Smoke” . The project features the soultress, Ashlei Mayadia.  Each member of the group represents a metaphorical character; hence Halloween was a perfect time for them to show up and treat the streets.  LiveHouse media set the tone with their “Once Upon A Halloween” Themed party.

image3They followed up a couple of weeks later to let their hair down as featured artists at Houston’s premium adult nightclub, Onyx.  Their convivial track “Crotchless Panties With Matching Bra” (See Video).  https://youtu.be/60vxArH0E2w


The world has definitely shown no shortage of sorrowful circumstances lately.  As a result people all over the world have developed an edge that forces them to take life too seriously.  The F.L.Y. and Rooster are an entertainment persona versed in the art of Hip Hop satire. They are determined to keep the living in life.  The posse has mastered the delivery festive illustrations of life through visual and musical arts.  A number of their sketches may viewed as controversial, but the group affirms to all that they choose to enjoy life and they will often delineate taboo topics; respectfully. Each member of the group serves as a staple for good vibrations.

“Taking Heads Eternally Forever Living Young”, is a depiction to 1/3 of T.H.E. F.L.Y. and Roo$ter ensemble.  On a mission to break the mental cycle of aging, Fly is determined that the fountain of youth lives in the heart and is activated by feel good music. He is also the directorial mastermind of the group’s satirical sketches and videos.  “The Rooster”, like the Chinese zodiac sign “rooster” represents optimism and leadership.  You won’t see his face too often because to Rooster, image is overrated.  He leads the group’s creative process and often flaunts his comedic dexterity on camera.  The newest edition to the assemblage, Ashlei Mayadia is eclectic songbird.  She compliments the musical canvas with colorful riffs and funky melodies.  When she’s not creating with T.H.E. F.L.Y. Rooster  she’s performing with her band “Tight’n Up”.

Keep up with the shenanigans at http://www.theflyrooster.com and follow them on IG @theflyrooster713.




Hip Hop Meets Satire With The Fly and Rooster

The Fly and Rooster are an entertainment persona known for their festive illustrations of life through visual and musical arts. Their satirical grooves deliver positive vibrations into the atmosphere! One thing we know for sure is that music and laughter are good for the soul. Complimented by the soulful riffs of Goddess Ashlei Mayadia, the lyrical pair can be found at http://www.theflyrooster.com!   

Music Artists: Business Building And Branding

In the genesis of any professional music career, artists should be realistic. They should first ask themselves, is this a hobby, or is it a career option? If the answer points to a career, then one should be prepared to assume the responsibilities of an entrepreneur. 

It takes courage to endure the financial and social volatility involved in business building. It’s important to establish a budget that allows them to retain professional consultants who are versed in the areas where most artists may lack knowledge.

Too often, people delve into the music industry without educating themselves on how to successfully establish themselves as a sustainable business. Just like any start up, musicians seek to build a relative brand with earning potential. Public relations is an important element within any business model and can garner results.

Musicians are most successful when they are visible in their own light. PR professionals are able to magnify their clients’ image by discovering what’s most compelling about their craft. Publicists work overtime to ensure that each message is specially crafted to appeal to their targeted audience. 

In order to establish value as a business (musician), the artist must first identify his/her target market (audience). Public Relations experts are equipped with the essential tools to create an image that will connect their clients to loyal supporters. 

It is imperative to align the brand and/or story with organizations, people and groups who respond well to the message. It will hold a greater value in communities and will maintain relativity. A relative brand is a successful brand.


Spilly Neutron Is Preparing To Release New Music

Spilly Neutron  

 begins the summer with the launch of his “Real Spill” mixtape release party. Spillionaire Entertainment invites the city out to commemorate the occasion. The event was previously scheduled for May 28th, but it was postponed due to inclimate weather. The celebration will take place at FunPlex located at 13700 Beechnut St. Houston, TX 77083 on Thursday, June 4, 2015 from 7:00 pm to 12:00 am. The massive indoor spot is packed with activities like bowling, rides, arcade games, roller skating and more!
There has been a buzz in the industry about the untraditional, yet engaging 15 year old Hip Hop artist/actor. After meeting and performing with The Sauce Twinz during the H-Town Sneaker Summit in 2014, The young entrepreneur launched Spillionaire Entertainment with the support of his mother. Spilly runs an impressive entertainment unit which is equipped with a dedicated team of professionals. Spilly Neutron is the first Italian-American rapper known to make noise in the south. His first single, “Independent” became an instant hit and it has fused internet radio airwaves across the country, including Houston’s 97.9 the Box.

In addition to the Fun Plex’s awesome amenities and special items from Spilly, Saucewave DJ Voo will be spinning live in the mix or shall I say “in the sauce”. MC Beezy will be in the building and DJ J Que will be broadcasting live with 97.9 The Box. PreSale tickets are available for $15 on spillynuetron.com. Prices will increase on the day of the event.
For more information contact Megann Lundquist (@sauce_lady )(832) 453-2248 or Jennifer Simpson at 281-736-4991. Stay updated on all things Spilly Neutron by logging into http://www.spillyneutron.com. Follow @sauce_spillyneutron on IG, @officialspilly or @bigspilly on Twitter.

Houston, Texas R&B Singer/Songwriter Johntino Is Scheduled To Release His First EP in January 2014

Multicultural Singer/Songwriter Courtney Medina, better known by the metronome Johntino, was born and raised in Houston, TX.  His heritage is rich being of both Hispanic and African American decent. He discovered his singing voice in the shower at the age of 11 where he would sing songs by a few of his favorite singers like Jamie Foxx, and Tyrese. He has truly developed a sound that is very captivating and diverse. Johntino is an astounding songwriter and his sweet tenor soprano vocals are the perfect instrument to utter the melodies that will last a lifetime. You can truly feel his heart and soul soar through his music; phrases turn and emotions connect. With each song, he writes from a place of intimacy using lyrics to capture the true elements of love, family, and life.

Though R&B is his primary genre, Johntino’s upcoming EP “Conception” contains a variety of sounds which include Reggaeton and Pop.  R&B is gradually finding its way back to popularity.  Johntino’s goal is to thrive in the music industry by writing hit records that recapture the elements that R&B soul pioneers like the DELFONICS used to; the times when you felt as if you could  hear the singer’s soul pour out in to the lyrics.

Houston’s 97.9 The Box radio personality Kiotti personally recognized the talent and potential of the young budding artist when he got his start two years ago performing in Houston nightclubs and has supported him ever since. Johntino has touched several iconic stages in his hometown like The Red Cat Jazz Café, Reliant Stadium at The 31st Annual 97.9 The Box Los Magnificos Car Show. He is currently signed to Knight Time Management and is being represented by Publicist Jennifer Simpson. This young artist has a very bright future ahead of him! Follow @johntino_music1 on Twitter, JohntinoMusic1 on Instagram and Johntino Music on Facebook.