“Hollywood Divas” Co-Star Bernard “Medisyne Works” Arnold Jr., to Release Second Studio Album

BoR 2 Med

Bernard “Medisyne Works” Arnold Jr. can now add the second studio album release to his list of accomplishments. The Chicago native is planning a late fall release for his project titled “The Book of Retribution” Vol. 2: Unchanging Standard By Which to Measure Wrongdoing” What is being hailed as “A Prolific Montage,” this album highlights his tumultuous life experiences of pain, love, death and healing. Arnold Jr. does an exceptional job at visually complementing each thought provoking song by depicting the beauty of overcoming life’s challenges.

Outside of music, Arnold Jr. is celebrating victory after victory these days, aside from being a Hip-Hop Artist, Producer, and Sound Engineer, Arnold Jr, is also a serial entrepreneur having ownership of a NASCAR race team from 2011 to 2014, serving as an executive producer for an animation show as well as providing representation services for various recording artists in the industry. Arnold Jr. also likes to provide the community with his own dose of “Medisyne,” and he says his goal is “to preserve the art (of music), and to break negative societal chains through his “Loveworks” campaign.

Medisyne Works can currently be seen on TV-One’s “Hollywood Divas” alongside his long-time friends| filmmakers/actors Forrest Martin and Paula Jai-Parker. In Season 3: Episode 1, Medisyne steps outside the “black box” with Paula Jai-Parker, Infared and super producer Eric “88 Fingaz” Parham to record a sexually liberating anthem, “Going Down Remix” single.  The two performed the song on The Hollywood Divas’ Season 3: Reunion Episode.  It is scheduled to air late August 2016.  This one will definitely be the talk of the town!

Med With Paula


For more information on “Medisyne” visit www.medisyneworksmusic.com or if you would like to arrange an interview with him, please contact Jennifer Simpson at 281-736-4991


Music Artists: Business Building And Branding

In the genesis of any professional music career, artists should be realistic. They should first ask themselves, is this a hobby, or is it a career option? If the answer points to a career, then one should be prepared to assume the responsibilities of an entrepreneur. 

It takes courage to endure the financial and social volatility involved in business building. It’s important to establish a budget that allows them to retain professional consultants who are versed in the areas where most artists may lack knowledge.

Too often, people delve into the music industry without educating themselves on how to successfully establish themselves as a sustainable business. Just like any start up, musicians seek to build a relative brand with earning potential. Public relations is an important element within any business model and can garner results.

Musicians are most successful when they are visible in their own light. PR professionals are able to magnify their clients’ image by discovering what’s most compelling about their craft. Publicists work overtime to ensure that each message is specially crafted to appeal to their targeted audience. 

In order to establish value as a business (musician), the artist must first identify his/her target market (audience). Public Relations experts are equipped with the essential tools to create an image that will connect their clients to loyal supporters. 

It is imperative to align the brand and/or story with organizations, people and groups who respond well to the message. It will hold a greater value in communities and will maintain relativity. A relative brand is a successful brand.


All White Celebrity Labor Day Event including a Fashion Show & Charity Fundraiser

Innovating Marketing & Management (IMM) in conjunction with La Bella Elise have joined forces to produce the “All White Celebrity Labor Day Event including a Fashion Show & Charity Fundraiser.” The fashion show will feature national brands as well as local designers in the Texas market. Additionally the Fashion Show will serve as a fundraiser to benefit Oakland Raider Antonio Smith’s foundation “Little People with Big Challenges.” (http://www.littlepeoplewithbigchallenges.org/

“Little People with Big Challenges” was formed by Antonio and his sister Antwonette Smith. The two are inspired to empower the social, physical and emotional well-being of children and families who are undergoing adversities.

LWPBC targets children in the lower socio-economic areas. There is a growing gap between childhood obesity in higher vs. lower income families. It is evident that there is an increase in lower income families due to the higher cost of eating healthy and the lack of resources to fund the participation in extracurricular activities. These circumstances often produce an environment, which inevitably leads to obesity.

Event Details:

Date: August 29, 2014

Time: 9:00 PM

Cost: $35

Where: Magnolia Hotels

1100 Texas Ave

Houston, TX 77002

Attendees will enjoy gift giveaways from sponsors, cocktails, and a luxury ambiance. Since the beginning of time, fashion has sculpted our society providing individuals an outlet to express themselves; both groups are plugged in the fashion industry and are abreast with the latest fashion and style trends to bring the audience an unforgettable experience. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Little People With Big Challenges Foundation.

You can support the foundation’s mission to fight obesity by purchasing tickets at http://www.allwhiteccfs.com/.

Media Passes will be limited; Please RSVP by Monday, August 11, 2014. Contact Latoya Hurley at 281-660-1813 or Jennifer Simpson at 281-736-4991 to secure media access.



The Proclaimed Diva of Hip Hop Blues Finds Her Way Back To The Music Industry

Karma also known as “Itz Karma”, the proclaimed Diva of Hip Hop Blues is scheduled to release her EP “Bold and Beautiful” this summer 2014. Many know her for her infamous remake of Quincy Jones’ “Miss Celie’s Blues” from the soundtrack of Steven Spielberg’s “The Color Purple” . Her first single “Make You Feel Good” will be available for download on most digital distribution sites and select stores on June 9, 2014.

Karma’s motto is, “What Goes Around Comes Around”, she’s lived it and she’s not afraid to share it! The charismatic singer/songwriter conveys real life instances that many men and women have encountered at some point in their lives.  The diva definitely knows how to tell a story. Technically her music falls under the Urban Adult Contemporary/R&B genre; However, Karma has a unique vocal delivery that brings you the soulful elements of blues and the rhythmic cadences of Hip-Hop! She has recently formed her company Itz Karma Entertainment, Inc. and she plans to make major moves independently as she will display a bit of acting, headlining music festivals and other appearances. Also in development is her Non-Profit organization “Good Karma” which will empower women who have been incarcerated to live a life of redemption after prison. The organization will also recognize several other social adversities of women.

Karma is now available for interviews, features and live performances. For more information, contact Publicist Jennifer N. Simpson at JNoS.PR@gmail.com.  Log on to www.itzkarma.com and also follow @itzkarmababy on Twitter and Instagram.


Houston, Texas R&B Singer/Songwriter Johntino Is Scheduled To Release His First EP in January 2014

Multicultural Singer/Songwriter Courtney Medina, better known by the metronome Johntino, was born and raised in Houston, TX.  His heritage is rich being of both Hispanic and African American decent. He discovered his singing voice in the shower at the age of 11 where he would sing songs by a few of his favorite singers like Jamie Foxx, and Tyrese. He has truly developed a sound that is very captivating and diverse. Johntino is an astounding songwriter and his sweet tenor soprano vocals are the perfect instrument to utter the melodies that will last a lifetime. You can truly feel his heart and soul soar through his music; phrases turn and emotions connect. With each song, he writes from a place of intimacy using lyrics to capture the true elements of love, family, and life.

Though R&B is his primary genre, Johntino’s upcoming EP “Conception” contains a variety of sounds which include Reggaeton and Pop.  R&B is gradually finding its way back to popularity.  Johntino’s goal is to thrive in the music industry by writing hit records that recapture the elements that R&B soul pioneers like the DELFONICS used to; the times when you felt as if you could  hear the singer’s soul pour out in to the lyrics.

Houston’s 97.9 The Box radio personality Kiotti personally recognized the talent and potential of the young budding artist when he got his start two years ago performing in Houston nightclubs and has supported him ever since. Johntino has touched several iconic stages in his hometown like The Red Cat Jazz Café, Reliant Stadium at The 31st Annual 97.9 The Box Los Magnificos Car Show. He is currently signed to Knight Time Management and is being represented by Publicist Jennifer Simpson. This young artist has a very bright future ahead of him! Follow @johntino_music1 on Twitter, JohntinoMusic1 on Instagram and Johntino Music on Facebook.



Carla Ja Sports & Entertainment and Streamline Fitness Present An Evening Of Fun And Fitness!

Carla Ja Sports & Entertainment and Streamline Fitness Professional Athletes of Boxing Invite You And The Entire Family To Attend An Evening Focused On The Fundamentals Of The Sport of Boxing

 Source: cyfairmagazine.com

Carla Ja Sports & Entertainment has partnered with Streamline Fitness for an evening of fun and fitness! The evening will focus on the basic fundamentals of the sport, as well as promote physical fitness and self-confidence. Attendees range from kindergarten to high school. The evening will conclude with a Home Style BBQ at 7 p.m. Invited athletes include: Pablo Cruz, Rocky Juarez, Darlington Agha, Marquis Taylor, and Regis Progais. This is a fun and educational event geared towards building self-confidence, strengthening the children’s passion for physical fitness, health, and boxing.



Twitter Photo

Itz Karma at Club 288 in Houston,TX

“Itz Karma”, and it will continue to come back around for the Diva of Hip Hop blues as long as she continues the successful lane that she is creating for herself.

On Wednesday, April 10, 2013, Karma and her team set out to the infamous Club 288 to celebrate with R&B legends for the birthday bash of GI Jackson, 1/2 of the duo.
The packed room was a fire marshall’s nightmare; just perfect for Karma to seize the moment and take the spotlight. (First, let’s mention the white stretch limo that she along with one of her producers DeeSmuve, her celebrity publicist Jennifer Simpson and Shameka Grant of STG Management.) Now that everyone has their shout out, let’s proceed! 🙂 The skillful negotiations of STG management were full effect as the ever so prepared Publicist Jennifer Simpson was equipped with Karma’s music. DJ Jack Frost was took the disk and out through the speakers were the boastful hip hop zydeco blues sounds of Karma’s signature track, “Come Holla at Me”. She killed it Johnny on the spot! Catch media on IndMix.com and TopNotchNews.com

With all this said, she is ready to be booked at major venues around the world!

Visit http://www.itzkarma.com