T.H.E. FLY and Rooster Bring Character To Hip Hop With Satire

After several amusing months of filming and recording in the studio, the eccentric  posse known as T.H.E. F.L.Y. and Roo$ter gathered at the Hudson Lounge in Houston, TX  to celebrate new beginnings and the completion of their forthcoming album “Smoke” . The project features the soultress, Ashlei Mayadia.  Each member of the group represents a metaphorical character; hence Halloween was a perfect time for them to show up and treat the streets.  LiveHouse media set the tone with their “Once Upon A Halloween” Themed party.

image3They followed up a couple of weeks later to let their hair down as featured artists at Houston’s premium adult nightclub, Onyx.  Their convivial track “Crotchless Panties With Matching Bra” (See Video).  https://youtu.be/60vxArH0E2w


The world has definitely shown no shortage of sorrowful circumstances lately.  As a result people all over the world have developed an edge that forces them to take life too seriously.  The F.L.Y. and Rooster are an entertainment persona versed in the art of Hip Hop satire. They are determined to keep the living in life.  The posse has mastered the delivery festive illustrations of life through visual and musical arts.  A number of their sketches may viewed as controversial, but the group affirms to all that they choose to enjoy life and they will often delineate taboo topics; respectfully. Each member of the group serves as a staple for good vibrations.

“Taking Heads Eternally Forever Living Young”, is a depiction to 1/3 of T.H.E. F.L.Y. and Roo$ter ensemble.  On a mission to break the mental cycle of aging, Fly is determined that the fountain of youth lives in the heart and is activated by feel good music. He is also the directorial mastermind of the group’s satirical sketches and videos.  “The Rooster”, like the Chinese zodiac sign “rooster” represents optimism and leadership.  You won’t see his face too often because to Rooster, image is overrated.  He leads the group’s creative process and often flaunts his comedic dexterity on camera.  The newest edition to the assemblage, Ashlei Mayadia is eclectic songbird.  She compliments the musical canvas with colorful riffs and funky melodies.  When she’s not creating with T.H.E. F.L.Y. Rooster  she’s performing with her band “Tight’n Up”.

Keep up with the shenanigans at http://www.theflyrooster.com and follow them on IG @theflyrooster713.




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