Martin Lemelle: A Proven Leader Poised For Action To Pivot The State Of Louisiana

Martin Lemelle – Candidate for US Representative -LA 5th District

I stand as a proud fellow Grambling State University Alumni and Louisiana native with the bold efforts of Martin Lemelle as he is in the running to take action as a Congressman in Louisiana’s 5th Congressional District. With the recent passing of two of our countries most impactful African American Congressmen and civil rights advocates, Elijah Cummings and John Lewis, We must encourage the bravery of key leaders like Martin Lemelle. We’re elated to see it and support him every step of the way!

This post is not paid for by the Martin Lemelle For Congress Campaign. It is merely a supportive dialogue from a passionate contributor.

Here are a few key points that I have extracted from

Martin believes that competitive wages and equal economic opportunities for every citizen are hallmarks of a thriving and vibrant state economy.

Martin Lemelle is truly a son of the great state of Louisiana; a native of Lincoln Parish with familial roots in St. Landry Parish. Lemelle served as the Director of Finance and Administration for Industry Retail Group in Bethesda, Md., before his current position at GSU. Industry Retail Group supports many Fortune 1000 retailers through a portfolio of broadband-enabled services. Additionally, he held the position of Director of Finance (Revenue Management) for Dean Foods in Springfield, Va., which is a leading Fortune 200 food and beverage company.

He is a graduate of the General Electric Financial Management Program, a two-year program noted by Wall Street as “the training ground for CFOs.” While there, he served in the following capacities: Supply Chain Finance Analyst for GE’s Consumer and Industrial Division, Financial Analyst for its Homeland Security Division, Controllership Analyst for its Intelligent Platforms Division, and Commercial Finance Analyst for its Consumer and Industrial Division.

Key Qualifications:
A Louisiana Education System Champion
A graduate of Grambling State University (GSU), Lemelle most recently returned to his alma mater in 2016 to serve as Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President. During his tenure, the University has:
• Received three years of clean audit opinions with no findings
• Seen a 100 percent improvement in its fiscal health score
• Refinanced existing student housing debt that resulted in an annual savings of $1.4M
• Secured $25M in capital outlay for the construction of a new library

“The 5th Congressional District deserves a person who’s ready for the long-term; Someone who will invest in this state, implement data-driven solutions that result in growth, and serve as a unifier to bring everyone to the table to move the district and Louisiana forward”

Louisiana is built upon the hard work of our people – our economic system should work just as hard for each one of us.

As one of his first priorities in office, Louisiana teachers will be prioritized to ensure that better opportunities are created for each and every Louisiana child, from early childhood education programs to collegiate and technical school options.

The citizens of Louisiana need access to quality and affordable healthcare that meets their unique individual needs. Having the ability to live a healthy and fulfilling life should be an equal and inalienable right for every Louisiana citizen.

As a state, we must do better to ensure that individuals have the opportunity to take advantage of the availability of online services. This includes every sector – from patients utilizing necessary tele-health and telemedicine services to students having computers and high-speed internet to access digital education opportunities.

Louisiana needs more leaders like Martin Lemelle who will ignite the change that our great state needs to excel in the future.

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