Tax Season Survival with Elnita Howard – CEO of Elite Community Tax Services

Tax season is here! Elnita Howard, CEO of Elite Community Tax Services is dedicated to educating the community and helping clients find themselves in the best tax circumstances.

From Elite Community Tax Services…

Your desire to manage your money and enlist the services of financial professionals to handle your tax needs is what we are built around.

Elnita Coleman-Howard is a Certified Accountant and has been doing taxes for 13 years. She decided to open her business in a community-based atmosphere 5 years ago in Southwest Houston. Elite Community Tax’s simple philosophy is that we need our neighbors to be educated about how to best document, record, and manage their finances to prevent problems with Uncle Sam. This is why we offer tax training courses in addition to the services we provide as a whole during tax season.
If it were not for our community and sharing in our knowledge, where would we be? We have seen what this community can do for one another and Elite Community Tax remains in a position to help us thrive and meet the desires of our financial goals. Be prepared when coming into our office to be greeted with respect and courtesy. We will ensure you walk out with the confidence that you are treated fairly and you have entrusted the right people to the task.

Call or visit an Elite Community Tax Service center today!

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