Poetry Ensemble “Cries From Quarantine” Transforms Isolation into Inspiration

New Poetry Release + music companion champion self-love and reflection amid  pandemic pause Courtesy of CFG Public Relations

Dana N Anderson – “Cries From Quarantine” Ensemble Launch Event

With the COVID-19 pandemic now one year behind us, many have found a way to use the solitude of quarantine for self-discovery.  Chicago-based writer and performing artist Dana N. Anderson has done just that with her unique poetry  project, Cries From Quarantine; Poem about Love (CFQ). Cries From Quarantine is a tender, insightful  book of poetry about love of all kinds. From the unconditional type of familial love to the  unconventional type of romantic love, the verses curated for this collection are intended to inspire a  universal truth: that self-love is at the heart of all love. Each poem is written with gratitude for the  stillness brought on by the 2020 pandemic. 

The poetry collection is accompanied by a distinctly unique audio experience, which fuses both original  music and spoken word. Executive produced by Anacron, CFQ: the Gallery Remixes is an audiobook  unlike any in its genre. Ms. Anderson brings to life twelve poems from the book over a compilation of  chillout / lo-fi / hip hop instrumentals that instantly become the soundtrack to her transformative  journey. Click below to enjoy an exclusive preview.  

Cries From Quarantine and the poetry album collection are available for pre-order now. The officially global released date is March 30, 2021.  


Dana N. Anderson

Dana N. Anderson is a Chicago-based performing artist, writer, and producer. Her experience spans on camera, stage, voiceover, and dance. With a recent appearance in the HBO series, Run, Ms. Anderson’s  love for storytelling expands not only in front but beyond the screen. She wrote, produced, and starred in her own full-length stage play, “Soul in Suburbia.” A proud SAG-AFTRA member and Company  Member at Collaboraction Theatre, Anderson is deeply passionate about the arts, and sharing her work  is an act she deems a necessity. Follow Dana at @theycallmedna. 

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