Virtual Teacher Reveals Engaging and Effective MODERN-DAY ELA Lessons

Courtesy of Eclectically You Experience

“Miss Lit for Life Lessons: for High School English Teachers, by a High School English Teacher” is inspired by student needs and the world around us.

The crafted challenges for 21st Century learners can be applied in various classrooms. This book was shaped by verbal and written student-input about what worked best and helped them increase in skills and scores. With over 12 years of experience, Micole Williams has defined, planned, and designed a journey for fellow teachers and their diverse learners across grade levels.

Candidly, Williams shares two types of lessons:

  1. Those learned while teaching, and
  2. Those she designed and developed for her diverse students each year.
    In 5 chapters, Miss Lit for Life Lessons provides writing prompts, manageable exercises, discussion questions, and graphic organizers that can be successfully implemented in any curriculum. The author is offering a virtual launch and special rate for attendees!
About the Author
Micole Williams is an eclectic force: a teacher by profession, writer by heart, and creative director by nature.

– Author, Micole Williams

“I hope this textbook will help many teachers, like myself, navigate the new space that we are in, due to the pandemic. These are tough times for our education world and we need all the resources we can get to keep ourselves uplifted with options to reach students in this new world. The book addresses these face-to-face and virtual needs.” 

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