Elevating 100 Black Women In Product Management: Senior Product Manager Ronke Majekodunmi

It’s National Small Business week and we’re sharing the canvas with Senior Product Manager Ronke Majekodunmi. Ronke is focused on helping 100 minority women break into Product Management in 2022. She left a message for new and aspiring small businesses in the product management segment…”Ensure that your brand truly represents you.”

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Nadia Worsley
Founder & Senior Publicist
Twelve 88 Agency

For many years, Ronke Majekodunmi (she/her) has been a noteworthy leader and powerhouse in product management. She has dedicated her career to creating outstanding, world-class products, and investing her time to educate the next generation of product leaders. Her mission is to make the world of product management more accessible for diverse product makers entering the field – providing insights and authentic experiences for the next generation to draw from.

In her current role as Senior Product Manager at PayPal, Ronke is responsible for collaborating with global stakeholders, leading the strategy and development of new products, while supporting the career development of the product management teams. 

At PayPal, Ronke is a recognized mentor that leads with charisma to bring cross-functional and innovative products to life. In her previous positions, Ronke partnered closely with key members in various industries to develop the entire life cycle of products, envision and define product vision and achieve optimal performance levels.

Ronke has always been passionate about sharing her wisdom and experience with beginner product managers. Partnering with Product School, Ronke has the unique opportunity to contribute to a community of over one million product professionals, sharing her industry insights to help shape their effectiveness and leadership. At Product School, Ronke hosts webinars teaching the importance of utilizing soft skills, interpersonal characteristics, and building coalitions. Ronke also hosts a Product Management Certification course, where she guides product managers joining the space.

Ronke has earned her Masters of Business Administration (MBA) at the Keller Graduate School of Management at DeVry University and also holds a Bachelor’s in African American Studies from State University of New York at Albany. Ronke actively uses her website and podcast to engage with fellow product managers and provide valuable content that helps expand their careers and create clarity from ambiguity. You can read more on http://www.ronkepm.com or tune into her podcast “Product Magic” on your favorite listening platform!

Website: https://www.ronkepm.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ronkemajek/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ronkemajekodun1

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