Mini-Documentary Film exploring how one dreamer leaves Houston for Hollywood, to reset her mind, body and spirit – 365 days will debut June 18 

From debut TV Producer, Micole Williams, comes the film 365 Days in LA, talking about the cross-country pursuit of storytelling. The upcoming mini-documentary film 365 Days in LA will make its world premiere at the Hudson Theatres presented by Eclectically You Experience. 365 Days in LA documentary is an inspiring, relatable and timely documentary exploring how a Houstonian navigates Hollywood as an aspiring TV writer and the pivotal moments that led to this urgent uprooting during the pandemic. 

365 Days in LA documentary will premiere on Saturday, June 18, at 1:00 p.m. at The Hudson Theatres 6539 Santa Monica Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90038. Immediately following the premiere, there will be a Q&A discussion with 365 Days in LA Star/Writer/Director as she goes behind-the-scenes of filming in the midst of a pandemic. The goal of this documentary is to empower people to choose life.

The documentary also empowers Indie and BIPOC artists in small towns or outside of entertainment hubs to activate their “inner creative” to find the courage to tell their own distinct stories and to “greenlight” themselves. It showcases how after a health scare, a veteran high school teacher halts her life and leaves all she knows behind, vowing to recover 100% while pursuing a matter of the heart.

With the theme of “in the land of many nos, one may find it’s never too late for one yes – the one they give themselves” this coming-of-age journey has inspiration woven into four seasons of high hopes and the inevitable downs along the way.

Content Courtesy of Micole Williams/Eclectically You Experience

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