Dr. Kanisha L. Hall Reveals The All-Encompassing Guide To Personal Sexual Empowerment

Dr. Kanisha L. Hall

“Sex After” Author and Board Certified Physician Dr. Kanisha L. Hall says that as women we are responsible for creating our own sexual fulfillment. “New beginnings are sometimes created, while being thrust upon in other instances. “Sex After” shows audience members how to adjust to life changes that may impede sexual pleasure, by giving proven solutions to create and restore sexual fulfillment throughout the inevitable changes of life.”

Dr. KaNisha L. Hall is a native of Shreveport, Louisiana. She is the proud mother of one beautiful daughter, Ava Grace. Her scholarly activities includes a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Chemistry, Post-Baccalaureate Certificate, International fellowship in Cytology at Kitasato University in Japan, and Doctorate of Medicine (M.D.) from Howard University. Her family calls her a perpetual student. While maintaining her clinical practice of Anesthesiology in South Louisiana she managed to obtain a Master of Art (M.A.) in Counseling with a focus in the area of sexuality counseling.


Her desire to promote a comprehensive clinical and sexual health to the masses has propelled her to recent notoriety. This hardworking musician, scientist, physician, counselor, and mother multitasks her medical practice and speaking engagements. She takes pride in speaking to women about the importance of embracing their sexuality.

Dr. Kanisha L Hall at the Ultimate Women's Conference

In addition to her mission to empower women, Dr. Hall has traveled the country to teach professionals effective strategies.  She takes a more holistic approach to wellness practiced providing instruction on several ways to approach sexual diversity, improve awareness, and promote overall health. She also offers workshops designed to train other physicians, allied healthcare professionals, and mental health practitioners. She extends her knowledge in a classroom setting to teach methods that will allow doctors to properly incorporate sexual health into their practices.  As if all of that is not enough…

The multi-faceted doctor has found time to develop her own hair and skin care lines, and a collaborative venture offering sexual health devices and accessories. She takes her mission to enlighten and empower women very seriously. It is her desire to give them unique tools that will help them fulfill their wildest dreams and to be confident in themselves.  See below..



Dr. Kanisha Hall is available for booking and speaking engagements and training sessions. She offers 4 main professional speaking points:

1.“Sex After…”

2.“Explosions:” In general, many women have resigned themselves to a reality that sex just won’t be a consistently pleasurable entity in their lives. Dr. KaNisha L. Hall confronts this way of thinking head on, while offering irrefutable strategies to creating a consistently highly pleasurable sexual experience.

3.“Sexual Health:” “Sexual Health” educates audience members with strategies for creating and maintaining optimal sexual health. Attendees will leave with an awareness of how to be proactive when it comes to sexual health and intuitive with their bodies.

4.”A Sex Positive Practice:” Dr Hall has specific lecture series designed for physicians, allied healthcare professionals, and mental health practitioners in various settings of practice to develop care plans for sexual health.

Request Dr. Kanisha L. Hall’s appearance at your upcoming event or workshop here. Keep up with her at drkanishalhall.com or via social media on Facebook and Instagram!   Sex After is available on Amazon.com. Get your copy today!

Sex After Dr Kanisha L Hall

“Ok Beloved, This book is my ode to womanhood. Male or Female you were birthed of a woman and that alone is to be celebrated. This book is NOT erotica. It IS sexual awareness and sexual health. I have been inspired by all the stronger wonderful women who raised me, especially my mother!”  -Dr. Kanisha L. Hall


The Amobi Okoye Foundation is turning 10!

The Amobi Okoye Foundation will be hosting its Annual Kickoff 4 Kids Casino Night Fundraiser on June 10th 2017. This weekend will commemorate the foundation’s​ 10 year anniversary and will collectively celebrate Amobi Okoye’s 30th birthday, a well-deserved tribute for the Autoimmune Encephalitis Survivor

This exciting event will be held at Laura Rathe Fine Art & offers something for everyone. It will be an evening of entertainment, cocktails, hearty appetizers, gaming tables, celebrity guests & dealers, silent auctions & raffles that will be fun for all guests.

Saturday June 10th 2017

K4K Casino Night Fundraiser

6 pm – 10 pm

Laura Rathe Fine Arts

2707 Colquitt St.

Houston, TX 77098

“There’s Life After Domestic Violence” – Denisha R. Hardeman

Denisha Hardeman otherwise known as “Crazie DeDe” is on an upward spiral to success in the entertainment marketplace! With  acting, filmmaking and the National Black Film Festival under her belt, she can also add Amazon.com “best selling author” to her list of accomplishments. “8 Lanes” reflects her life as a former track star who silently suffered from domestic violence during the prime of her sports career.

Today the SURVIVOR is committed to helping other women overcome the frightening circumstances of physical and sexual abuse with the work of her charity UnHushed Foundation. DeDe firmly denotes that women are beautiful, powerful and resilient.  Her journey exudes graceful boldness, vivid ambition and humanitarian efforts in the areas of arts and entertainment. Gone are the days of timid women who are statically held as victims of societal views. Denisha and UnHushed Foundation encourage abused victims to use visual and entertainment arts as a healing vessel. Writing and sharing her story aided her healing process. She is dedicated to showing others that they too can successfully move on.
Denisha Hardeman is now available for motivational speaking engagements at universities, conferences, book tours, festivals and other women’s empowerment events.

Denisha Hardeman with Omar Tyree

Pictured: Authors Omar Tyree and Denisha R. Hardeman

Follow her, get to know her, book her! She’s one of our own.  Get 8 Lanes on Amazon.com! https://www.amazon.com/8-Lanes-Denisha-Raychelle-Hardeman/dp/0996722025

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The First National Black Film Festival Was A Huge Success!

The National Black Film Festival exceeded my expectations!  Filmmakers and actors from all over the country made the conquest to Houston to be apart of this empowering cinematic occasion.  Film and television producer J.O. Malone and Denisha Hardeman, an accomplished Hollywood actress and producer, executed their vision to educate, inspire and cultivate professional African-American filmmakers. Houston is the 3rd largest city in the country so there is no reason for it lack in the production of major films.

The NBFF offered a powerful platform for film professionals and aspiring millennials to connect under one roof for 5 full days.  Participants enjoyed the ultimate experience having the opportunity to engage and one on one with professional film producers, actors, executives and investors. The National Black Film Festival definitely set the tone for a new era in entertainment in H-Town!


Entertainment and Networking at SXSW 2017 with #TeamSimpson 

JNoS PR client DeeSmuve and I decided to travel into Austin, TX this past weekend to experience the popular SXSW atmosphere.  From the moment that we arrived downtown near Red River and 6th Street, there was much excitement to see!

JNoS PR and DeeSmuveDEESMUVE AT SXSW 2017 2

We hit the strip wearing our comfortable “Chucks” ready to explore all that we could see during our short day trip to the Texas State Capital.  6th Street has so much to offer from eateries, tourist attractions and bars.  The layout reminds me of New Orleans’ Bourbon Street.

SXSW Piano In the street

We met several other talented musicians and professionals from all over the country. Many artists were raking in dough as they were charmingly posted on the sidewalks playing their music for the passing festival crowd.


We attended a day party at the Belmont with Houston’s 97.9 The Box DJ Hi C in the mix. Performances from Hip-Hop Artists such as Slim Thug, DIce Solo, VH1’s Love and Hip Hop star Mariah Lynn.

DeeSmuve and LHHNY's Mariah Lynn at SXSW


Slim Thug Performing at SXSW

Slim Thug and DeeSmuve at SXSW


Our first peek at SXSW was very insightful and entertaining. We will definitely plan ahead for 2018 to explore more and to have DeeSmuve as one of the festival featured performers!

JNoS PR working at SXSW


by JNo Simpson

Just Another Fly Day In The “H” with Hip Hop Musician DeeSmuve

Recapping over a little Sunday chill music with @DeeSmuve🎧🎧🎥

Entrepreneurship, Entertainment and Lifestyle

Houston is the place to be for next month’s Super Bowl 51! DeeSmuve is starting his celebration early!  Enjoy this visual melody from Houston, TX  based musician DeeSmuve. The artist highlights a view of Houston’s abstract architecture and landscape. Before moving to Louisiana at the Age of 5, he lived in Acres Homes. DeeSmuve uses this Hip Hop tapestry to pay respect to his roots in Houston.

Follow him on Instagram and Twitter @DeeSmuve and on Facebook DeeSmuve DeeMaestro!

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Grambling State student Elizabeth Eddy co-authors international best seller entitled “Women of Faith: Their Untold Stories Revealed”

JNoS PR Re-Blog

Written By: E’Vonne Gipson
GSU senior, Elizabeth Eddy’s dream of becoming a published author came true as she became a co-author of the book “Women of Faith: Their Untold Stories Revealed”, a book that she believes tells stories that will change many lives. The book is filled with devotionals written from the heart of everyday women who have found their highest potential and wanted to share that connection with others.

“It is a true source of encouragement to other women facing their own uphill battles,” Eddy said. “Every young woman has something that she can speak up about.” “You never know whose life you might save just by saying what’s on your heart, and becoming a co-author of “Women of Faith: Their Untold Stories” has helped me to see that.”

“Woman of Faith: Their Stories Revealed”, features New York Times best-selling author, Miss Kay Robertson, Star & Matriarch of A & E’s Duck Dynasty & Duck Commander and Rhonda Branch Yearby, President and CEO of Rhonda Branch Ministries, founder of Women of Faith, Grant Seekers and BY Publishing.  “Working with Miss Kay Robertson, was an absolute honor,” Eddy said. “She’s very pleasing to talk to because she is such a humble and encouraging woman.” “It was also a wonderful experience working with Rhonda Branch Yearby, the coaching calls and information provided for me while writing were exactly what I needed to succeed.”


The new co- author has been writing for ten years. She first began writing poetry and songs, and then came stories and speeches to empower youth and young adults.
Eddy says although writing her portion of the book was enjoyable, it was also extremely difficult to reveal things that she has never mentioned before in public.
“In this book I admit failure as well as triumph,” she said. “As I was writing, it was hard to keep the pages from getting messed up from tears.”

Eddy was inspired by one of her favorite quotes, “Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.” – Helen Keller
Within her portion of the book she talks about the trials and tribulations she experienced and is experiencing on her journey to remain on the correct career path after graduating high school and entering college.

“So many times we make decisions based upon what other people are doing and what others want us to do and we wonder why we are not happy with our lives,” she said. “I wanted to write about something that my readers could relate to.”
The GSU student says from her writing, she wants to give people the strength and inspiration to make the changes they need to see in their lives, with faith, love and maybe a bit of humor.

It took her two weeks to write and edit her five pages of the book, but it took her nearly two months to decide on how to properly deliver the message to her audience.
“As I was writing I felt a lot of weight lifting off of my shoulders,” she explained. “I truly believe that writing is a form of healing and when I wrote my portion of this wonderful book I began to heal.”

The Ruston native, matriculating in the Chemistry and Theatre felt so deeply about finishing her portion of the book that she didn’t let anything get in the way. She finished writing during the last two weeks of the 2016 semester while working 3 part-time jobs.  At GSU, Eddy is also a member of the Student Government Association, Floyde L. Sandle Club, Stem Journal Research Club, Youth Worker, Pageants, Choir, and Drill Team.

“As a young woman attending Grambling State University, I have learned how to be a leader who is currently serving as the Student government Association Senior Class Senator 2016-2017,” she said. “The importance of networking and building healthy relationship has been developed with me.” “I am the voice for those who are afraid to speak.”

In 2017 you can expect Elizabeth Eddy to do multiple book signings along with speaking engagements. She is also currently working on another writing project.

What is a “women of faith” to Elizabeth Eddy?
“A “women of faith” is being a strong woman who puts complete trust in the plans that God has for her life no matter the circumstance.”

“Women of Faith: The Untold Stories Revealed” is now available for purchase from Amazon