Preserving The Arts In Schools With STEAM Technology – Make Music Count App

marcus-blackwellMarcus Blackwell is changing the way students learn math with his groundbreaking STEAM Technology App, Make Music Count. The smartphone app is designed to excite students about learning mathematics. Also available to parents and teachers, Make Music Count takes innovation and piano playing to the next level.
Blackwell is a graduate Morehouse College with a B.S. in Mathematics and worked for GE Energy as a Lead Modeling Analyst while serving as the Music Director and pianist at Elizabeth Baptist Church.
“Make Music Count was created after I realized how I learned to play the piano,” said Blackwell. “As a pianist and organist who plays music by ear, I realized I built my music chords by applying mathematics versus simply listening and playing what I heard,” he added.

Some of the key features and benefits of this new app are that it is excellent for students with special needs and dyslexia. Similarly, learning math and solving problems enhances the mental growth of the student and makes them smarter and more active. This app is one of the fastest ways to learn piano and be able to play like a professional. The Educational Technology (EdTech) application is basically a 2 for one application, which is all about building confidence and performance.

marcus-with-adults-and-kidsAccording to the Blackwell, learning music through math is more engaging, interesting, and exciting for the students. Another amazing fact about this inspiring initiative is that this new curriculum sees an average of 28% increase in math test scores.

To find out more about Make Music Count, visit Follow Marcus Blackwell, Jr. and Make Music Count at Twitter and Instagram @makemusiccount and on Facebook at makemusiccountLLC.

You can find the app for Make Music Count for iOS at and for Android users at

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“There’s Something Special About Louisiana”- Dr. KaNisha Hall Recognizes The Excellence In Education at TM College Prep

All across the state of Louisiana, you can find young people who are enjoying the summer- those ten or so glorious weeks where no books beckon and a teenager can answer the calls of their bed until all hours of the afternoon. In Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, however, you’ll find students still at work, still pursuing excellence.

You see, at TM Landry College Prep, the students only get a five-day break for summer. One week, and then these hard-working students are back in the classrooms. The independent, coeducational year-round school has garnered attention for its students’ impressive academic achievements, including a 100 % graduation rate and a 100% acceptance rate to four-year universities.

Dr. KaNisha Hall, Howard University College of Medicine alumna and executive board member, was recently invited to speak at TM Landry College Prep. Hall is passionate about bridging the gap in education in Louisiana. She has longed to see advancements in the Louisiana education system since her matriculation from Louisiana Tech University for her undergraduate degree.

While visiting, Dr. Hall was astonished to see the shift in the curriculum at TM Landry and the impact it has had on the students. The programs at TM Landry require rigorous work ethic – in and out of the classroom. This college prep school is contributing to the success of young academic superstars and is a perfect fit for those who think outside of the box. TM Landry has proven to help its students accomplish their goals in college and beyond. Dr. KaNisha Hall went to Breaux Bridge to reach and teach students, and while there, she learned just what TM Landry expects.

So while there are children complaining of the heat or their boredom, some of Louisiana’s most advanced students are back at work. Here’s a recap of Dr. KaNisha Hall’s visit to TM Landry College Prep: